Possibility? of infinite loop in MultinameHashtable::get

Haghighat, Mohammad R mohammad.r.haghighat at intel.com
Mon Jan 14 22:02:19 PST 2008

Cool! This property doesn't hold for all instances of quadratic probing,
as stated here: 
More specifically, the plain h(k,i) = (h(k)+i^2) mod n results in the
repetition of digits 0, 1, 4, 9 in some order. 

However, when n is a power of 2 and the right coefficients are used, as
is the case in Tamarin: h(k,i) = (h(k)+ i(i+1)/2) mod n, the generated
numbers are distinct in the sequence. The proof is at the very bottom of

- moh 

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There's a proof out there somewhere that a power of 2 hashtable w/
quadratic probe with the right constants hits every slot in the table
before repeating.  Thus no infinite loop if the table isn't full.

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> I've been looking at optimizing the "get" method of 
> MultinameHashtable, which is often the hottest VM function. 
> It seems that its implementation is at risk of infinite loop 
> not only at insertion time but also during lookups. For 
> lookups, when a match is found the method doesn't return the 
> match before it inspects all the possible collisions until it 
> finds an empty slot. This is done to check if there's an 
> ambiguous binding.
> Even if the occupancy of the table is below the load factor, 
> it is conceivable that all cells in the collision chain might 
> be occupied. In such a case, the get method will not 
> terminate. This is more probable with small tables. A remedy 
> could be to rehash the table upon the first revisit of the 
> first cell. 
> - moh
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