Importing user defined classes into other .as files.

sandeep akula sandeep.akula at
Mon Jan 14 07:27:51 PST 2008

I am trying to import one class into another class. For example I have

package avmclass
    public class A
        public function func()
            trace ("A::func123");
I have named this file as "" and kept it in "avmclass" under root

Then I have created new file "" in root folder.
The contents of is

 import avmclass.A;
var b1 = new avmplus.A();

And I have tried to compile it using
java -jar ../utils/asc.jar -AS3 -import ../core/

I am not getting any problem while generating .abc file.

But while running using avmplus_sd.exe , I am getting following error

*"ReferenceError #1065: Variable avmclass::A is not defined.
               at global$init"*

I have also tried to compile using
java -jar ../../utils/asc.jar -AS3 -import ../../core/ -import

Then also I am getting same Error.

Can anyone know how to do this.

Thanks & Regards

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