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Thomas Reilly wrote:

| Something that will move the discussion forward I think is to talk about
| concrete finalization use cases/requirements.  I've offered up the need
| for flash to serialization object graphs to files/sockets as part of its
| shared object functionality which works much nicer with a list traversal
| fired from presweep.  Care to offer up an example from Moz/Firefox?

For the forseeable future Mozilla has existing string classes that we must
preserve: they use a copy-on-write behavior which requires
reference-counting string buffers. Therefore any class which has a string
member must be finalized. This also goes for objects which have any of the
following members:

* NSPR objects such as locks or monitors
* explicitly allocated "stuff"

I don't have good numbers yet, but for the moment I think that many Mozilla
objects will require finalization. Down the line we plan to move more things
over to be GC items (strings especially), but that's a secondary step after
the initial move to GC is complete.

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