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gzip saves the day:

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Steven pointed out that the diff's of generated files are part of the problem.  This would be core/vm_* and core/builtin_*.  What are moz's practices on checking in generated files?   I'm against in general but okay with it when the SCM knows when these files should be treated as "binary".  Obviously we can't pull the generated pieces until the tools to build them are available (asc.jar, we're working on it).  But lets say asc.jar is readily attainable, should we yank these files from source control?   Personally I'd like to see the build systems build these files based on dependency rules so developers can avoid any files out of date/sync issues.

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Thomas Reilly wrote:

| I don't want to break my patch up, I just spent all this time getting HG
| to collapse it to one change!   I tried unselecting the patch thing but
| the limit is lower for that.  Any suggestions?  Email it out?

Any one of

* compress it to patch.bz2
* put it on a website somewhere
* post a repository with the change

should work.

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