space management

Stuart Parmenter pavlov at
Wed Jan 9 10:28:18 PST 2008

Thomas Reilly wrote:
> Fascinating stuff but we don't spend too much time worry about virtual memory paging.  Our use cases trend towards tiny heaps that almost always fit inside resident memory.  Although TC in the flash player has on the rare occasion run into virtual memory problems b/c of the JIT architecture and that's part of the reason TT exists. 
Our use cases don't trend towards tiny heaps at all.  In fact, they have 
a tendency over time to get quite large.  IMHO optimizing for an 
allocator that works best with large heaps made up of lots of small 
objects would be the best strategy here.  It should also work well with 
small heaps but if you're just targeting small ones, Mozilla is going to 
be in for a world of hurt.


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