Compiling tamarin-tracing on linux

Zbynek Winkler zbynek.winkler at
Sun Jan 6 13:27:05 PST 2008


I've read some papers about trace tree code generation and I wanted to
check out tamarin-tracing. I tried to compile it on Debian testing

g++ (GCC) 4.2.3 20071123 (prerelease) (Debian 4.2.2-4)

I found the */ files not up to date so I made some fixes. I
also had to fix some warnings (as errors) about unused variables and
such. I got to a point of having avmshell executable.

However when I run it I get a seg fault. Backtrace from gdb is:
(gdb) bt
#0  0x080a4929 in nanojit::LIns::resv ()
#1  0x08098fa5 in nanojit::Assembler::findRegFor ()
#2  0x0809fbc8 in nanojit::Assembler::gen ()
#3  0x080a2010 in nanojit::Assembler::assemble ()
#4  0x08071526 in avmplus::Interpreter::inner ()
#5  0x08074c32 in avmplus::Interpreter::interpScript ()
#6  0x0805ba1a in avmplus::AvmCore::initTopLevel ()
#7  0x08049a4b in avmshell::Shell::main ()
#8  0x08049d5a in main ()

Is tamarin-tracing to be expected to work on Linux? The Makefile in
platform/unix/ is not up to date either. How everyone compiles
tamarin-tracing? I was not able to create a debug build because there
is only AvmDebugWin.cpp and nothing corresponding to linux. Is the
development going on windows first?

Some problems I've found seem to be fixed in tamarin-central. What is
the relationship between these two repositories? I thought
tamarin-tracing is based on tamarin-central but it seems that some
files might have been reverted to some older state...

And finally, is there a faster way to test the built executable?
Running test/ seems to be taking forever... but at the end
I got 3 (unexpected) failures for tamarin-central (it took 69 min).




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