Plan for a "Generic Record Sync"

Thom Chiovoloni tchiovoloni at
Tue Jan 29 22:29:06 UTC 2019

I've been kicking around ideas for this for a while, and finally wrote them
down. Essentially, it's a plan for us to get some of the benefits of Mentat
without all of the troubles required to implement Mentat. In particular, it
gets us ease of implementing new data types, some degree of schema
evolution, and inter-record references (with some limitations).

My big fear would be that without something like this, teams will turn to
off the shelf sync solutions that don't offer the same crypto/privacy/etc
protection that they would with Sync (E.g. things like firebase, etc).

It also has a more limited scope (no support for history, no support for
record types with constraints as complex as bookmarks).

I wrote it as a github gist so that I could embed code with comments and
have it syntax hightlighted, although I realize in retrospect that a google
doc would allow for more flexibility with commenting and etc.

Anyway, thanks,

- Thom Chiovoloni
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