Minutes from April 17 Android Tech Leads meeting

Nicholas Alexander nalexander at mozilla.com
Fri Apr 19 18:43:46 UTC 2019

Happy Good Friday, everybody!

The Android Tech Leads met on Wednesday, April 17, to discuss software and
Easter Egg Hunts.  Noteworthy:

   1. There's work to expose Firefox for Android's Firefox Account
   authentication state to other Mozilla apps.  If you're:
   - working on an Android App
      - that consumes Firefox Accounts
      - want to ease onboarding for users that are already using Firefox
      for Android
   *then this work might help you*.  This is very security sensitive and
   will be allow-listed in both directions, so speak to Grisha now if this
   sounds helpful.  See details in Bug 1545232
   2. Colin filed issues tracking using R8 instead of Proguard in many of
   our project repos.  If you can help move these forward, please do.  R8 is
   now the standard as of Android Studio 3.4.
   3. We hope to have a room reserved for an Android Capture the Flag
   exercise in Whistler either Thursday or Friday afternoon, 3-5pm.  More
   details as they are solidified.  *Volunteers wanted!*  Talk to Colin.

Notes are here

See you after all my (Canadian) chocolate is consumed!
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