Minutes from April 12 Android Tech Leads meeting

Nicholas Alexander nalexander at mozilla.com
Wed Apr 17 16:48:52 UTC 2019

Hello all,

Several interesting threads to report:

   1. Colin started a discussion about R8
   R8 is Google's API compatible rewrite of Proguard that promises better
   build times and a "full mode" that can do better than PG but requires
   integration effort.  Colin would like *Mozilla to use R8 ASAP and aim
   for full mode in the near future*.  If you can help push your project
   towards R8, please do -- it's trivial to try it out.
   2. Fenix suffers from a Kotlin coroutine implementation issue that costs
   us 100s of milliseconds at startup.  There's a fix, and *Fenix will have
   that fix by the time it ships*.
   3. There was some discussion of an Android-specific Capture the Flag
   exercise at the June All-Hands.  Volunteers to hoist the flags please talk
   to +Colin Mark Foster Lee <colee at mozilla.com> or +Jeff Boek
   <jboek at mozilla.com>.
   4. Finally, there was some discussion of Android-specific asks for the
   releng organization.  Next step is for +Nicholas Alexander
   <nalexander at mozilla.com> to raise that discussion to releng managers.

See the notes
for more details.

Yours in service,
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