Minutes from April 3 Android Tech Leads meeting

Nicholas Alexander nalexander at mozilla.com
Sat Apr 6 00:12:22 UTC 2019

Hello folks,

Sorry, no theme today: it's time for me to sip a beer and check out for the

An Application Services heavy discussion this week, with two items that I
think are broadly of interest:

   1. The Rust FxA+Sync 1.5+Push stack will now use whatever Android
   Component concept-fetch implementation is is configured with.  This should
   roll out to consumers next week.  Kudos to Thom Chiovolni who did
   *outstanding* work to make this happen
   2. There's a need for patterns for surfacing, and consumer UI for
   displaying, diagnostic logging for the background parts of Android
   Components.  If you can help get diagnostic logs into the hands of bug
   reporters without requiring ADB, it will really help our internal
   dogfooding efforts.  An old sketch of a plan is here: Surfacing
   Diagnostics from the Application Services Rust Stack on Android


The notes
have more details.

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