Minutes from Sept 19 Mobile Tech Leads meeting

Thom Chiovoloni tchiovoloni at mozilla.com
Fri Sep 21 18:47:25 UTC 2018

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM Ryan Kelly <rfkelly at mozilla.com> wrote:

> I expect the first concrete work on that front to be porting the
> logins-api component to iOS, so that it can be used in Lockbox for iOS,
> which will happen sometime in 2019.

I actually did part of this on a whim on Wednesday evening. I didn't end up
quite figuring out all the XCode-specific stuff build stuff, so it probably
doesn't quite work, and it certainly doesn't answer any larger questions
about how this will be shaped in the long run – I actually put it at the
root of the a-s repo (even though that's certainly not where it will end
up) just to make the far-future rebase as easy as possible for myself :p.

That said, https://github.com/thomcc/application-services/tree/swift-logins
has most of the actual swift code required for this finished (as well as
containing the changes required to build sqlcipher for iOS). It probably
has a good 2-3 weeks [0] of work before it's "complete", not counting time
to make the decisions around iOS code (we would have to make those
decisions first).

To be clear, I don't expect to work more on this before Q1 given our
current priorities, but it's probably complete enough that if e.g. Lockbox
*did* need this in the short term, they'd be able to push it across the
finish line.

- Thom

[0]: This is a naive estimate, based mostly on the turnaround for the
SQLite logins code, which went from "incomplete in many ways" (much of the
code had been written, but no FFI, many bugs, etc) before Sept 6 when
Mentat was 'paused' to yesterday (Sept 20) being the first day I was done
enough to work on something other than logins.
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