Question on Mozilla support for self-hosting

Elmar Knipp Elmar.Knipp at
Tue Apr 3 13:51:13 UTC 2018

Am 03.04.2018 um 02:20 schrieb Mark Hammond:


> What we can improve is the documentation for what is needed to run Sync
> 1.5, but we really need feedback on what specifically is lacking here -
> we do know many people have successfully used the documentation to
> self-host Sync 1.5, so where the docs are lacking isn't immediately
> obvious to us.

What I missed is a document with a bird view about the needed
components; e.g. the relationship between the sync server and the
account server.

By accident I found the really helpful blog post,
but would expect such an introduction in the official docs.

Maybe this is a good starting point to improve the docs.

> If you have any other actionable ideas for how we can improve the
> situation for Sync self-hosters, please feel free to share them too.

The current documents assume too much inside knowledge about the system.
Please read it with the eyes of a novice which has a general
understanding of synchronisation.

I do not want sound aggressive, but I can only second James Sundquist's
statement. I have setup a lot of systems in my professional life and I
am experienced reading such HowTos and tutorials. But I have never seen
such poor didactical docs. Again, please see this as constructive critic.


P.S.: I had setup 1.1 a few years back in 30 minutes. Then 1.5 came out
and I simply was unable to follow the docs. Finally, since 4 weeks, I
have sync server 1.5 running, but still depend on the account management
provided by Mozialla due to lack of time to go through the (bad) docs. I
tried again and ended up only with the feeling of frustration :-(

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