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Mon Nov 21 19:45:46 UTC 2016

On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 9:28 AM, Kit Cambridge <kcambridge at>

> Hi all,
> Tomorrow's Nightly will include some improvements to how we track
> bookmark changes for syncing [1]. I wanted to take some time to
> summarize them in this email.
> Previously, Sync listened for observer notifications from Places [2],
> recorded the changes in memory, and periodically flushed them to disk.
> This caused Sync to occasionally miss changes at startup or during a
> sync, and lose changes from interrupted syncs.
> The fix moves the change tracking logic into Places. Instead of using
> observers, the new bookmarks tracker pulls the set of changed
> bookmarks directly from the database. A new "change counter" column
> increments every time a bookmark is modified in a way that should
> trigger a sync, and decrements once the bookmark has been successfully
> uploaded to the server. The counter is updated in a transaction,
> ensuring we don't lose changes at startup or shutdown. This design
> also avoids missing changes during a sync.
> We think these lost changes are responsible for a large portion of
> corrupt server bookmark trees. This corruption can spread to other
> devices, and blocks us from enabling bidirectional syncing on iOS.
> We've developed a two-pronged mitigation strategy: prevent Sync from
> corrupting the server in the first place, and repair existing
> corruption by uploading missing bookmarks. The tracker improvements
> are a form of prevention, and repair is currently in the works [3].
> If you're using Sync, I encourage you to install the About Sync add-on
> [4], and validate your bookmarks [5]. We want to make sure the new
> tracker doesn't introduce new errors. If you've been using Sync for a
> while, it's likely you'll already have some validation errors. We want
> to know about these, too, so that we can prioritize our repair
> efforts. Please file new bugs in the "Firefox :: Sync" component on
> Bugzilla, or reply to this thread.
> Special thanks to Marco Bonardo, Mark Hammond, Richard Newman, and
> Thom Chiovoloni for all their insightful feedback and reviews!

This is a really big deal.  Great work rebuilding one of the cruftiest
parts of Desktop Sync.  This is how we get to a better world!

Huge ups to the reviewers, too -- this would be hard to write, let alone
swap in and juggle all the interactions...

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