Keep getting "request blocked" at login

Gabriel Ivașcu ivascu.gabriel59 at
Mon Jun 27 18:54:59 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 3:37 AM, Ryan Kelly <rfkelly at> wrote:
>> Will these features be documented somewhere? I'm interested in how the
>> client flow should work.
> They will be documented, as they come online, most likely as part of our
> API documentation here:
> However, we're going to try to move away from having FxA consumers
> directly access this API, and move towards a more traditional OAuth flow
> that uses this API under the hood.

Does this mean that the protocol here [0] won't be available for
general public use anylonger?

> If you're working on integrating FxA/Sync with something specific, I'd
> love to hear more about it so that we can feed your use-case into our
> longer-term plans.

I am currently working on my Google Summer of Code project aiming to
introduce a bookmarks sync feature for GNOME's browser, Epiphany,
allowing users to sync data with Firefox with only using a Firefox
Account. Part of my project implies implementing the client side of
the onepw protocol in Epiphany in order to fetch the sync keys used to
encrypt/decrypt synchronized data records. You can find more details
about my project here [1].

Yet, I'm afraid I can't proceed with my project if the server answers
me with "Request blocked" when calling the login endpoint, that being
the reason I asked for answers on this list in the first place.

Also, I've read in your email from the other day that you are going to
introduce a sign-in confirmation email feature. How soon will this



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