Keep getting "request blocked" at login

Gabriel Ivașcu ivascu.gabriel59 at
Fri Jun 24 22:24:09 UTC 2016


I am using the fxa-python-client [0] for interacting with the
fxa-auth-server [1].

The client has proved very useful in understanding how onepw protocol
[2] works, but since this morning I keep getting errno 125 when
posting to the /account/login endpoint (I am using my personal Firefox
Account's email and password).

I have to mention that I didn't have this problem the previous days,
every call to the login endpoint working perfectly. Also, I can log in
with my Firefox Account from the Sync interface without any problems.

After looking at the response format [3] I noticed that error number
125 means "request blocked for security reasons". So my question is
why I keep getting this response, what security issues can possibly be
and how could it be fixed? I tried to search for more details but I
couldn't find any.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you,
Gabriel Ivașcu


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