Self-hosted services.sync.clusterURL being overwritten

Richard Newman rnewman at
Mon Aug 3 20:19:00 UTC 2015

I think you might be misunderstanding clusterURL, Andrew.

clusterURL is the final server that Sync talks to. It's never been a
configurable option; it's derived from protocol interactions with auth

In old Sync, there was 'serverURL' (where you went to get a node
assignment) and 'clusterURL' (your node assignment). If node assignment
failed because you were running a one-box self-host, clusterURL ==
serverURL as a fallback.

In FxA Sync, your server assignment is always decided by the token server;
it's called the "endpoint". You control where you sync by choosing the
token server, not by imposing a server assignment.

If you're hosting your own token server, set identity.sync.tokenserver_uri,
and make sure the token server hands out the right cluster URL.

If you're not hosting your own token server, then you can't control which
Sync server you end up talking to.

On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 1:07 PM, Ryan Kelly <rfkelly at> wrote:

> On 3/08/2015 22:02, Mark Hammond wrote:
> > On 3/08/2015 9:48 PM, Andrew Bunting wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Two laptops and one phone using accounts
> >> service and self-hosted FFsync 1.5 server.  Running fine for several
> >> months until early July 2015.
> >>
> >> One laptop and one phone are still syncing perfectly, but now the
> >> self-hosted sync server URL on the second laptop is being overwritten by
> >> defaults every time I try to sync.
> >
> > Every time you perform a "disconnect" or "forget" in the Sync
> > preference, it does a full self-reset, which resets every preference
> > starting with "services.sync." to its default value. I suspect this is
> > happening, but it's not clear why from your description - once the pref
> > is reset you should then be able to change it and perform a new login
> > without it being changed.
> >
> > (Note that in Firefox 42 via bug 1003708, you can also use a preference
> > "identity.sync.tokenserver.uri" to avoid exactly this problem, but
> > that's to help in the case where you do explicitly forget/reset rather
> > than due to a problem on initial signin)
> Should this be the new recommended way for self-hosters to configure
> their server setup?  IOW, is this the one we should mention in the docs
> going forward?
>   Ryan
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