Self-hosted services.sync.clusterURL being overwritten

Ryan Kelly rfkelly at
Mon Aug 3 20:07:59 UTC 2015

On 3/08/2015 22:02, Mark Hammond wrote:
> On 3/08/2015 9:48 PM, Andrew Bunting wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Two laptops and one phone using accounts
>> service and self-hosted FFsync 1.5 server.  Running fine for several
>> months until early July 2015.
>> One laptop and one phone are still syncing perfectly, but now the
>> self-hosted sync server URL on the second laptop is being overwritten by
>> defaults every time I try to sync.
> Every time you perform a "disconnect" or "forget" in the Sync
> preference, it does a full self-reset, which resets every preference
> starting with "services.sync." to its default value. I suspect this is
> happening, but it's not clear why from your description - once the pref
> is reset you should then be able to change it and perform a new login
> without it being changed.
> (Note that in Firefox 42 via bug 1003708, you can also use a preference
> "identity.sync.tokenserver.uri" to avoid exactly this problem, but
> that's to help in the case where you do explicitly forget/reset rather
> than due to a problem on initial signin)

Should this be the new recommended way for self-hosters to configure
their server setup?  IOW, is this the one we should mention in the docs
going forward?


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