Self-hosted services.sync.clusterURL being overwritten

Andrew Bunting ffsync at
Mon Aug 3 11:48:34 UTC 2015


Two laptops and one phone using accounts 
service and self-hosted FFsync 1.5 server.  Running fine for several 
months until early July 2015.

One laptop and one phone are still syncing perfectly, but now the 
self-hosted sync server URL on the second laptop is being overwritten by 
defaults every time I try to sync.

services.sync.clusterURL is the config key.

Interestingly this also generates an e-mail entitled:

"A new device is now syncing to your Firefox Account"

However it is not a new device...

Any advice as to how to prevent Firefox or Ffsync from resetting to 
defaults?  I tried creating a new account but the behaviour is the same, 
it immediately over-writes my custom URL with a Mozilla default.


Andrew Bunting

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