Paging through a collection

Richard Newman rnewman at
Mon Sep 29 18:35:42 PDT 2014

> Do we have an idea when we will have clients that are going to use those new APIs?

The existing clients aren’t likely to see a switch like this any time soon.

1. It’s a big (potentially breaking) change that would require different behavior for 1.1 and 1.5. Client code is currently identical for both servers. We’d probably think about punting this work until 1.1 support is removed from the client.

2. There aren’t many hands on deck for Sync client work. I certainly couldn’t justify doing this work on Android, for example — there’s much more important stuff to focus on.

3. … because there’s not a lot of upside. Most users don’t hit these cases. XUL mobile is dead; Android uses a totally different codebase. (I’d review patches to remove the mobile flags from desktop.)

4. It doesn’t go far enough: I think if we wanted to really tackle big data sets, we’d need to switch to a fundamentally less broken model than the current Sync clients use, and using a pagination API would probably be just a small part of that. A great start is not treating your DBs as scratch storage!

New clients aren’t bound by those constraints, and so new potential platforms are likely to utilize new capabilities, but those aren’t scoped or implemented yet.

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