telemetry data on custom sync configurations

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FWIW, Beta & Release stats have slightly higher ratios for this one:

Beta 32: 112.68k with custom token server out of 16.5M submissions (~0.7%):!Submissions&evoOver=Time&locked=true&sanitize=true&renderhistogram=Graph

Release 32: 38.1k custom token server out of 7.5M submissions (~0.5%):!Submissions&evoOver=Time&locked=true&sanitize=true&renderhistogram=Graph

A good time to point out that telemetry populations can have different properties from the whole, sometimes in unexpected ways (historically speaking). In other words, depending on context, telemetry data should be taken with a grain of humility/uncertainty.

On a side note, these histograms are an odd way of consuming this data, as they are summing *all* telemetry submissions for a date range. Browsers that submit telemetry data every day are counted more than browsers who just show up at the end of the timeframe. This makes sense for performance telemetry probes, but is suboptimal for the kind of probes we're looking at. Maybe we can do something about that. ;)


On Sep 25, 2014, at 11:06 AM, Chris Karlof <ckarlof at> wrote:

> We put in some telemetry probes to measure custom sync configurations (e.g., self hosting) in Nightly. Below are the results in for Fx34.
> Of the ~1.13M submissions, there were ~1940 submissions with a custom token server configuration:
> :-/
> -chris
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