Recent mod_wsgi Issue with Self-Hosted Sync Server

Ryan Kelly rfkelly at
Wed Sep 3 23:57:31 PDT 2014

On 4/09/2014 4:45 PM, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
> Actually, something else I have been wondering - and is probably
> relevant to other self-hosters like myself, is there a way to purge the
> actual (data) ie the history/bookmarks/passwords out of the Mozilla
> Server, without removing the entire account?  I've ended up with a copy
> of unknown validity on Mozilla servers caused by the effects of bugzilla
> 1003708, with another copy in an unknown state on my self-hosted server
> that -should- be the most up to date but may or may not be.  As you can
> imagine I'd really like to clean it all up, and especially remove any of
> that data from the Mozilla servers that need not be there.

The storage servers provide an API for this (it's just "DELETE
/storage") but I don't think it's exposed in the UI anywhere.

IIRC it used to be present in sync1.1 but was removed during UI cleanup.

Currently the following will cause us to clean up your data on the
storage servers:

   * deleting your account
   * resetting your password (it makes previously-stored data useless)
   * filing a bug and asking us to do it by hand

Although that last one hasn't been tested and I probably don't want to
encourage it too much... :-)

I guess we could at the very least, ship a script with the self-hosted
server that will let you delete yourself from the mozilla-hosted ones in
a single step.  Would this be helpful?


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