Recent mod_wsgi Issue with Self-Hosted Sync Server

Reuben Farrelly reuben-mozilla-sync-dev at
Wed Sep 3 23:45:20 PDT 2014

On 04/09/2014 4:34 PM, Ryan Kelly wrote:
> On 4/09/2014 4:27 PM, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
>> AuthenticationError(TokenServerClientServerError({"now":"2014-09-04T06:22:22.970Z","message":"Authentication
>> failed.","cause":"invalid-generation","response_body":"{\"status\":
>> \"invalid-generation\", \"errors\": [{\"location\": \"body\", \"name\":
>> \"\", \"description\":
>> \"Unauthorized\"}]}",
> Ah, "invalid-generation" indicates that you've recently reset your
> Firefox Accounts password, but this instance of firefox is not using the
> new password yet.  (Or at least, that's what it's *supposed* to indicate).
> Firefox should be prompting you to re-enter your password in response to
> this error.  Does this show up anywhere in the sync UI?

If I go to what is normally the "Sync" option in the tools menu, it now 
shows "Reconnect to Sync".  I then log in and it accepts the credentials 
and then indicates sync will start in the background.  But when it does 
attempt to sync a little while later (with the log output as above), it 
fails again....and the menu then changes back to "Reconnect to Sync". 
And around and around again...

> Failing that, you can unstick this state by disconnecting and
> re-connection from sync, or by wiping the data on your self-hosted
> server and starting over afresh.

Disconnecting and reconnecting seems the least painful of those two 
choices ;)

Actually, something else I have been wondering - and is probably 
relevant to other self-hosters like myself, is there a way to purge the 
actual (data) ie the history/bookmarks/passwords out of the Mozilla 
Server, without removing the entire account?  I've ended up with a copy 
of unknown validity on Mozilla servers caused by the effects of bugzilla 
1003708, with another copy in an unknown state on my self-hosted server 
that -should- be the most up to date but may or may not be.  As you can 
imagine I'd really like to clean it all up, and especially remove any of 
that data from the Mozilla servers that need not be there.


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