Desktop bug tracking for enabling Sync on Nightly

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Tue Jan 28 12:49:14 PST 2014

The desktop Sync team sat down with ckarlof to do a triage of our
near-term priority bugs. We generated two bug lists:

a) UI bugs introducing new strings that need to land before the Aurora

b) bugs needed before we can enable FxA Sync on Nightly:

a) is a subset of b), and we're going to be focusing on it in the near
term (i.e. today). We feel confident we can get nearly all of our UI
bugs landed on mozilla-central by the end of day.

The bugs in b) are for the most part well underway (or have
workarounds that can remove them from blocking enabling on Nightly),
and we expect to be able to address them tomorrow.

Optimistically, we should be on track to enable desktop FxA Sync on
Nightly end of day tomorrow (i.e. for Thursday's Nightly).

I'll keep the list posted with progress.


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