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Stefan Arentz sarentz at
Sat Jan 25 09:16:33 PST 2014

Hi Mark,

I'm having problems with this build. I can login fine and I see an initial sync happening where it uploads clients, history and tabs. But after that, new data is not uploaded. I tested by generating more history, adding bookmarks and opening tabs. When I then manually trigger a sync I see info/collections successfully being requested but after that nothing is POSTed back to the appropriate collections.

Initial sync log:
Follow-up sync log:

It seems the sync engine simply thinks there is no new data for any of the collections.

Built from


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> Here is a new try run, built against current m-c after some Fxa-based
> patches landed.  The only thing I know which should be fixed is the
> issue with messaging on logout, but it's still worth testing everything
> else again too.

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