10.25.13 Engineering Progress Report for Firefox Accounts and Sync.next

Chris Karlof ckarlof at mozilla.com
Fri Oct 25 14:56:26 PDT 2013

Firefox Accounts API/Server Development (Dev leads: Danny Coates, Ryan Kelly)
- Started work on a DB abstraction layer for MySQL that would also be compatible with C*
- Landed documentation for error codes: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/issues/101
- Landed implementation of error codes: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/pull/248
- Landed API versioning: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/issues/166
- Landed /raw_password API for direct email/password auth to support FxOS workweek: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/pull/241
- Restored APIs of the Firefox Account Bridge that were broken last week during the Desktop/FxA workweek. Added moar_native flag to facilitate the transition of some functionality to browser code: https://github.com/mozilla/firefox-account-bridge/pull/73
- Working on a new Firefox Accounts wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Identity/Firefox-Accounts (WIP)
- Next steps: finish new DB abstraction, start re-write of JS FxA client, meet with UX team to nail down final UI and email verification flows

- Demo! https://vimeo.com/77667079
- Patches for review
f+ from rnewman htttps://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=892025 (HTTP client speaking KeyServer Protocol 1.0)
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=929066 (tiny tweak for local clock skew)
- Next steps: start transition to native UI (i.e., away from hosted code) 

- Demo! https://vimeo.com/77717494 (Watch Nick's demo first)
- Start of test refactoring: https://github.com/mhammond/mozilla-central/commits/experiment/fxaccount-tests
- Started migrating key fetching, email verification, and assertion generator to browser code
- Next steps: Continue getting more tests working with the code from the work week, finish migrating about code to the browser, 

- Huge work week in Spain: https://id.etherpad.mozilla.org/fxa-madrid-2013
- Goal was to make significant progress on login to FxA during the first time experience. We'll get an update next week.

Firefox Accounts Devops (Benson Wong, Gene Wood, James Bonacci) 
- Benson and Gene are going wait until the new MySQL refactor and then move forward.
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