Firefox Accounts Android Sync demo

Nick Alexander nalexander at
Thu Oct 24 10:43:53 PDT 2013

CCing sync-dev for a wider audience.

On 13-10-24 12:52 AM, Jed Parsons wrote:
> Hi, Nick,
> This is super awesome.  Nice work!

Thanks.  Definitely a team effort!

> We're presently working on Firefox Accounts on FirefoxOS, and I wanted to check-in regarding the UX of the account-creation and sign-in flows.  What you have is different from what we are working with for FirefoxOS [1].  Is the UX you have there current for sync?  Is so we should ... er .. sync :)

What I've built is temporary and off script :)  I've taken the early 
flow mock ups (about:accounts is being served from and just used that code to do the 
crypto to create the FxAccount.

My plan of record is to build the Create Account/Sign In UI natively on 
Android.  This work is tracked at [1] and the mocks I have from ibarlow 
are at [2].

This got put on hold for about 8 weeks while we pfaffed about Persona 
logins, but I think we have clarity that we're not building that [3] and 
that means we can make a great native UI.

I think it's time to iterate on ibarlow's mocks, taking into account the 
FirefoxOS work.  jgruen, over to you and ibarlow?


point #3.

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