10.21.13 Engineering Progress Report for Firefox Accounts and Sync.next

Chris Karlof ckarlof at mozilla.com
Thu Oct 24 10:39:24 PDT 2013

We always thought the current gherkin library was a hack, didn't we? If we need to fast track a re-write, let's do it. I'm sure we can reuse some existing code from it.


On Oct 24, 2013, at 8:17 AM, Zachary Carter <zcarter at mozilla.com> wrote:

> For FxAccounts on FxOS, we've determined that landing the browserified FxAccounts client library in gaia is not really viable. There's an opportunity here to share the native client we worked on for desktop with FxOS. Can we fast track it and land on mozilla-central?
> If the Hawk jsm exposed the generic request method along with deriveCredentials, it'd be perfect. It needn't even be FxAccounts specific.
> -z
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> Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 10:10:07 PM
> Subject: 10.21.13 Engineering Progress Report for Firefox Accounts and        Sync.next
> Q4 Goals:
> 1) FxA server is "production ready"
>   - work plan: https://github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/issues?milestone=2
> 2) Sync.next Milestone 1 a.k.a.  first integration between FxA and existing Sync, a socialization of that integration, and a plan going forward
> 3) Supporting FxA on FXOS
> Firefox Accounts API/Server Development (Dev leads: Danny Coates, Ryan Kelly)
> - Cassandra integration has been rough: https//github.com/mozilla/picl-idp/issues/184
> - Q4 plan is to go for a MySQL storage backend w/ single write master and possible read slaves in other AWS regions
> - This week: land new DB abstraction layer for MySQL, API versioning, documentation of errors and error codes, start on a wiki to explain "WTF is FxA"
> Desktop
> - Huge workweek with Gavin, Tim Taubert, and Mark Hammond from Desktop team last week
> - Substantial progress on M1. We're close to an artifact.
> - Working repo: https://github.com/mhammond/mozilla-central/tree/experiment/elm-fxaccount-sync
>   - FxA only version of Sync
>   - It's real.
>   - Going to refactor this into landable patches to elm
> - Video demo soon
> - Walkthrough is also possible soon
> - This week: Cleaning up the work from last week, better test coverage, migrating more jelly code to the browser, async demo.
> Android
> - Patches for review
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=892025 (HTTP client speaking KeyServer Protocol 1.0)
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=929066 (tiny tweak for local clock skew)
> Firefox Accounts Devops (Benson Wong, Gene Wood, James Bonacci) 
> - Benson and Gene are going wait until the new MySQL refactor and then move forward.
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