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Fri Oct 18 15:13:35 PDT 2013

On Oct 18, 2013, at 1:42 PM, Richard Newman <rnewman at> wrote:

>> Two suggestions intended to streamline communication/process: 
> These two things sound like good ideas if sync-dev (and, until someone spends the time to rename a bunch of pages, /User_Services) return to their barely-born purpose of tracking the development of the products for which FxA is intended to serve as the login glue -- a Sync that doesn't suck being one of the first things on the list.

Yes, thanks, to clarify:

- Sync-dev returns to Sync-specific discussion. 
- FxAcct-dev is spun up to capture FxAcct-specific discussion. 
- User Services is retired. Instead, each product group maintains the knowledge-as-a-wiki wrt it's scope of a given feature-as-a-service.

IMHO, esp as we were recently reorg'd into product dedicated groups to increase clarity, focus and results, new Firefox integrated features-as-a-service can and must be divided into its client and server components. Client components are the responsibility of the respective Fox team. Server components are the responsibility of Cloud Services team. Andreas, Nightingale and Mayo prioritize/arbitrate bwtn teams if/as necessary. "Tightly aligned, loosely coupled teams"-based organizations, such as I'm suggesting, are highly effective largely because potential inter-team dependencies/blockers are early identified and clearly assigned.

To my organizational delight, the first and last "User Services" FTE was me -- then we reorg'd into product dedicated teams and I was happily reassigned to Cloud Services. As such, "User Services" is an abstraction that maps to a matrix'd team that does not exist. 

If this is too meta, I'll take off-list w/ Andreas, Nighingale and Mayo. :) 

> I think most of the hard-won knowledge captured in that section of the wiki still very much applies to all of the feature work that's on our product wishlist.

In the User Services wiki? Yes, agreed.

> Is that what you meant?

Yes, thanks Richard. 

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