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> > On 18/10/2013 17:45, Fabrice Desré wrote:
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> >>>> The diagram at
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> https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0Az-aXpSyQJZ2xCdWRwWTNoRDQ/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1
> >>>> is not about persona, it shows the FxA app as a standalone app using
> IAC.
> >>> Indeed. And it says nothing about the Trusted UI or any loaded network
> resources :)
> >> Ok. So I guess I don't understand *at all* what we are trying to achieve
> >> with FxA.
> > Welcome to my world :P. I call dibs to corner Fernando into a room with
> > a blackboard and getting some painted diagrams from him :)
> LOL you are invited to Monday's discussion at the Madrid work week :)

We've been charging fast and leaves much opportunity for confusion, sorry
abou that. Going to attempt to provide some clarity, much more of which
should be evident when you guys are hacking next week, but here goes:

#1 Persona is not an account system. There's no such thing as a "Persona
account" in the conventional sense, that's not how it works. (this is weird
to grok, I know)

#2 FxA is the account system we're building for Mozilla products.

#3 What I've found helps my brain is to stop using the word "Persona" when
talking about FxA. FxA is built with BrowserID protocols, certificate
formats, etc. But we are not, __for the MVP__, trying to tackle integration
with the "Persona identity ecosystem".

In concrete terms this means you will not be able to login to a generic
Persona-enabled website with your Firefox Account for the MVP. You also
will not be able to go "the other direction" and use an existing Persona
assertion to login to your Firefox Account. This is off the table for v1.

A possible "pitch" for FxA (where "you" == the end user):

Firefox Accounts is a system that allows you to connect with Mozilla (and
eventually non-Mozilla) services. Firefox Accounts works across your entire
Firefox experience, so you can attach any of your devices (laptop, desktop,
phone or tablet) to your account. By keeping track of your services and
your devices, Firefox Accounts allow you to use services and access data
when you need to from wherever you are. Make a backup of your bookmarks
from your tablet. Sync your passwords across all devices. Send interesting
pages to a service so you can read them later, such as on the train on your
way home from work.

Does this provide any clarity? Let me know. We clearly need to get this
clear and straight asap.

I now have an action to create a Firefox Accounts FAQ!


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