FxA timelines and you

Fernando Jiménez Moreno ferjmoreno at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 10:12:31 PDT 2013

On 18/10/2013, at 17:45, Fabrice Desré <fabrice at mozilla.com> wrote:
> Ok. So I guess I don't understand *at all* what we are trying to achieve
> with FxA. Specifically:
> - When I create my FxA account, do I reuse my existing persona identities?
> - Once I have a FxA account, does that change anything for web sites
> that currently use Persona? Do I get a simplified login flow? Do sites
> need to do something special?

Lloyd and/or Jed can respond to this better than me.

> If you want to go fast, I would do gecko --mozChromeEvent--> system app
> --IAC--> settings|ftu

If by fast you mean better performance (and not faster development), I don't think this path is faster than the one I proposed, which is a direct communication Gecko <-> Settings|Ftu.


/ Fernando

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