Firefox Accounts on Firefox OS

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I agree this is great news.
Services QA (and FFos QA) will back you guys up.

Can you give some details on the schedule for this work and how it integrates into the overall FFos 1.3 schedule for Q4 and early 2014?
We (QA) would all love to plan out the testing and release work for this.


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I've been a bit too busy with buying a loft to follow up on our discussion from last week, but I'm *so* happy you all are working on and prioritizing this. 

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Jedp and I are spending time together in Bulgaria, and the topic is how do we implement Firefox Accounts in FirefoxOS. 

We wanted to figure out enough of an architectural direction to unleash folks in madrid. So this are concrete proposals, but keep in mind we're making some stuff up as we go, and feel free to challenge anything that doesn't look right. 

High level document with background and goals: s 
Lower level document with concrete distinct components: 
Architectural diagram: 
Branch where jedp and I are hacking: 

Initial concrete target: logging into on device should use firefox accounts. 



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