Firefox OS App Accounts Managed By Firefox Accounts

Richard Newman rnewman at
Thu Oct 10 18:46:06 PDT 2013

> That's very much what I was thinking of. I assumed that account management built on top of sync would be built into firefox accounts, but I gather that's not [yet?] general consensus. I feel like I should at least put a thumbs up in for account management that syncs between browsers/devices. Is this a question that the persona and sync groups are working through?

There's a strong emphasis right now on getting stuff built and shipped, starting with FxA itself, so we can prove out the concept and begin to iterate.

As to whether service credentials sync via Sync (i.e., are considered pure browser data alongside passwords and bookmarks), or are instead a part of the constellation of more specialized services that we envision, isn't something I've seen discussed. Chris, have you folks spent any time on this topic?

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