Firefox OS App Accounts Managed By Firefox Accounts

Richard Newman rnewman at
Thu Oct 10 18:20:27 PDT 2013

> * What kinds of accounts do we intend for firefox accounts to support?

Hi Gareth!

Stepping back a tiny bit: I think you might be conflating "service account management" with "Firefox Account".

Chris will have a much more thorough description of the latter coming, but in short a Firefox Account is what we plan to use to allow users to sign in to (Mozilla, at first) services on their devices. You can think of this — in current but inaccurate terms — as a replacement for your Sync account: something you log into to get access to services.

Arguably one of the more useful services we could build on top is account management: when you've signed in with your Firefox Account on a device, it would be great to have access to some set of descriptors of other services, along with credentials (above and beyond what password sync provides). That is: having access to your Firefox Account would give access to other things that don't directly use your Firefox Account for auth.

It sounds like what you want is this kind of service/credential sync/storage. Is that a fair statement?

This might well tie into the service discovery/description/management layer that will ride alongside FxA to support Sync and our other services, but perhaps not.

I'll leave the rest of your questions for people a little closer to the coal face.

Hope that helps!

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