Firefox OS App Accounts Managed By Firefox Accounts

Gareth Aye gareth.aye at
Thu Oct 10 18:01:12 PDT 2013

Hi Sync!

tl;dr I want to allow users to setup email and calendar accounts with
Firefox Accounts. How can we make that happen?

My name is Gareth Aye and I work on the productivity group within gaia. We
maintain the email and calendar apps.

One core experience that we've built into both apps is account
authorization. We'll likely always support an option to authorize email and
calendar accounts in isolation from within the apps, but it'd be awesome if
we could offer a more unified experience for users who want it.

There are lots of service providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and
Zimbra that do both email and calendar (and other things too). If I could
tie my Zimbra account to my phone, the core email and calendar accounts
(and perhaps third party apps) could tap into the authorization (perhaps
through a platform api) to offer a more seamless experience. I would also
be able to access my email and calendar data more seamlessly across devices

So, with that, I have a few questions...

* What kinds of accounts do we intend for firefox accounts to support?
* If and when we have a platform api for requesting access to account
authorizations, is the current thought that firefox accounts would share
account credentials with the requester or that apps would perform
authorized actions through firefox accounts?
* Has anything landed in gecko yet? If so, where can I find
code/documentation? If not, when is it planned for and when could the email
and calendar apps hope to tap into firefox accounts?
* How can other teams that would like to use firefox accounts help move the
ball?  For instance, are there good first bugs that would help parallelize
the engineering effort?

By the way, I cc'd dev-gaia since I'm hoping my teammates who are also
invested in identity <> apps can be part of the conversation. Please
reply-all so that everyone can be involved (and since this is a bit of an
inter-group topic)!

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