[ffx-accounts]Re: [meta] where shall we post questions for firefox accounts?

JR Conlin jrconlin at mozilla.com
Thu Oct 10 08:33:39 PDT 2013

I would prefer if discussions about products include a subject prefix
(e.g. [ffx-accounts], [picl], [cat-videos], etc.)

That way folks can filter.

On 2013/10/10 8:25 AM, Nick Alexander wrote:
> On 13-10-10 3:27 AM, Lloyd Hilaiel wrote:
>> Firefox Accounts is quickly growing out of it's role as an account
>> system laser focused on supporting sync improvements, to something
>> more general.
>> Folks are scampering to build new services that authenticate using
>> firefox accounts.
>> To that end I had lots of questions about feasibility and
>> disruptiveness of some new use cases that probably will require new
>> APIs in firefox accounts --
>> Where shall I discuss these?  Is this the appropriate list?
> Yes!  Just because it's called sync-dev doesn't mean it's not the de
> facto place to discuss FxA-dev.
> Best,
> Nick
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