Firefox accounts and Persona

Rubén Martín nukeador at
Wed Oct 9 04:34:48 PDT 2013


After doing some research on the current status of Firefox Accounts I have
a big concern.

As far as I understand, my Firefox Account and my Persona account are going
to be independent, two different passwords, and there is no way to log in
with Persona to Firefox Accounts as it was planned at the beginning.

Is this still the case? If so, why?

I was told on IRC that you don't want people to be redirected to their
email provider to verify their persona account because it's confusing, but
at the end they will always have to go to their email to verify the Firefox

>From a user point of view, I don't want to create more accounts, the point
of Persona was to avoid this and have to remember just one password, so I
expected to log in to my Firefox Account using my Persona account.

Rubén Martín (Nukeador)
Mozilla Reps Mentor
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