Support report for week of May 16th, 2010

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Mon May 24 20:49:55 PDT 2010

Summary As you might have heard, this past Friday, Google had a working Pac-Man game as their Google Doodle. This caused some panic amongst users who heard their computers making siren noises and alarm sounds after starting Firefox. Following on from this, we had a second onslaught of traffic as Digg and Reddit found these users' threads and started linking numerous users to them. While the site never went down, users would sometimes find that their forum posts wouldn't go through or would show up much much later. 

Hot issues (Summarized from 500+ forum posts and 300+ live chat support sessions) 

    • The top issue (hundreds of users) was Firefox making random sounds as a result of Google's Pac Man doodle. One problem was the CoolPreviews extension opened a hidden Google window that would make sound even though all a users' Google tabs were closed. The majority of cases, however, were simply users who had Google open in a background tab or another window. By Friday afternoon, Google had muted the game by default and now, it's been rotated back to a standard Google logo. 
    • We are still seeing users (~ 10 this week) complain about Hotmail email replies not being included, even though Hotmail pushed a brand new version of their site. Bug 538892 
    • We are also still seeing a number of users with disappearing menu/navigation toolbars. This is bug 547891 . 
The top articles people are clicking on after they search & Frequent search terms 
Unfortunately, because we switched to a new web analytics package this week, this data isn't available yet. We're working with the Metrics team to get it as soon as possible. 

    • 1,842,551 unique visitors ( New web analytics package -- can't compare to old figures ) 
    • 1,015 new forum threads ( we had over 3,000 posts on Friday as threads about random sounds hit hundreds of replies long, but only a few dozen of new threads were created about this problem -- this may have been related to the fact that our site got very slow due to the influx of traffic.) 
Community participation 

    • 73 active community members 
    • 67 edited knowledge base articles 
    • 65.7% of forum threads from last week with a helpful response 

SUMO gets a lot of traffic every week from users. This newsletter is a weekly summary of this traffic, looking at the users' feedback. If you'd like to discuss any of the information in this newsletter or provide feedback, just email sumo-team at 
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