Support report for week of May 9, 2010

Cheng Wang cww at
Tue May 18 00:43:49 PDT 2010

Summary Nothing new of note this week. 

Hot issues (Summarized from 500+ forum posts and 300+ live chat support sessions) 

    • ~40 users complained about hiding or missing their menubars. This is still bug 547891 but nothing really common between the threads that could explain the cause. 
    • The Bing toolbar issue discussed last week seems to have gone away (perhaps it's no longer being advertised). 
The top articles people are clicking on after they search (Offers an indication of what people think they are looking for) 

    • How to set the home page 
    • How to clear the cache 
    • Enabling and disabling cookies 
    • Pop-up blocker 
    • Clear Recent History 
Frequent search terms (High relative to previous 8 weeks) 

    • pick a home page 
    • certificat/certificats 

    • 4,577,812 unique visitors ( +0.6% ) 
    • 1,216 new forum threads ( -15.7% ) 
Community participation 

    • 51 active community members 
    • 46 edited knowledge base articles 
    • 55.1% of forum threads from last week with a helpful response 

SUMO gets a lot of traffic every week from users. This newsletter is a weekly summary of this traffic, looking at the users' feedback. If you'd like to discuss any of the information in this newsletter or provide feedback, just email sumo-team at 
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