Support Report for week of April 18th 2010

Cheng Wang cww at
Tue Apr 27 16:58:46 PDT 2010


Like last week, this week went by without many new Firefox issues or new problems but with an increase in certain problems we've been seeing for a while. 

Hot issues (Summarized from 500+ forum posts and 300+ live chat support sessions) 

    • While popups and popunders are not a new problem with Firefox, we saw an increase in the number of reports of these issues (~25 reports this week). From the few reports that mentioned specifics, a common complaint were sites that popped up a warning about a fake virus to try to drive installation of real malware. 
    • There was an increase in the number of users saying that Farmville and related Facebook games (Youville, Farmtown, Mafia Wars) is crashing the browser (~30 users this week up from about 5-6 usually). 
    • There were also a few mentions (7) of the search redirection that we started seeing last week: which redirected address bar searches. 
The top articles people are clicking on after they search (Offers an indication of what people think they are looking for) 

    • How to set the home page 
    • Enabling and disabling cookies 
    • How to clear the cache 
    • Pop-up blocker 
    • Deleting cookies 

Frequent search terms (High relative to previous two months) 

    • media player 
    • ssl protocol 
    • remove plugin 
    • farmville 
    • error console 
    • privacy 
    • the connection was reset 


    • 4,816,648 unique visitors ( -0.2% ) 
    • 1,794 new forum threads ( +0.2% ) 
Community participation 

    • 72 active community members 
    • 94 edited knowledge base articles 
    • 39.4% of forum threads from last week with a helpful response 

SUMO gets a lot of traffic every week from users. This newsletter is a weekly summary of this traffic, looking at the users' feedback. If you'd like to discuss any of the information in this newsletter or provide feedback, just email sumo-team at 

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