Support report for week of March 28, 2010

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Tue Apr 6 23:41:01 PDT 2010

SUMO gets a lot of traffic every week from users. This newsletter is a weekly summary of this traffic, looking at the users' feedback. If you'd like to discuss any of the information in this newsletter or provide feedback, just email sumo-team at 

This week, we had a number of users complain about Firefox using lots of CPU and/or memory resources as well as some of the same 3.6 issues as the previous weeks. 

This is summarized from reading through 500+ forum posts and 300+ Live Chat support requests. 

* The top issue (over 60 reports) is one where Firefox starts using all of the CPU resources and starts slowing down the computer (and in many cases being slow to respond or even completely nonresponsive.) For a large majority of these cases, the user has the AVG Safe Search or Toolbar extensions and we've had numerous confirmations that disabling these extensions restore Firefox to previous levels of resource usage. This is being tracked in bug 556332 . 
* The issue with Mac OSX installations of Firefox loading pages slowly ( bug 555819 ) is still happening to some users (~ 10 reports). 
* Also, the issue with Hotmail replies and forwards not including the message body ( bug 538892 ) is still happening to a large (~30) number of users. 

The top articles people are clicking on after they search are : (This offers an indication of what people think they are looking for). 

Using themes with Firefox 
How to set the home page 
Enabling and disabling cookies 
How to clear the cache 
Pop-up blocker 

Frequent search terms (high relative to previous two months). 

assign new homepage 
how do i change my home page 
download firefox 
toolbar missing 
update firefox 
updating firefox 

Total unique visitors : 4,966,217 (-3.8%) 
Total new forum threads : 2,375 (-12.3%) 

Number of active community members : 43 
Number of knowledge base articles that were edited : 34 
% of forum threads from last week that got a helpful response : 42.2% 

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