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Tarek Ziade tarek at
Mon Oct 10 08:39:35 PDT 2011

On 10/10/2011 05:26 PM, JR Conlin wrote:
> I'm not a fan of having dozens of config files, but I do see the value 
> of having at least two config files. One could contain platform 
> specific data (say, system global values such as logging, mail 
> servers, etc. which would be valid across applications on a given 
> machine), and a second to contain app specific values.
> I know that the config system allows us to do that currently, and that 
> your proposal would also allow it (provided each application config 
> file remembers to call to the Well Known system config file.)

That's interesting.

Three points:

1/ the 3 current files are different files because they are used and 
defined by three different systems, namely Paster, repoze.who and our 

2/ the config format we currently defined for our framework allows us to 
inherit from another file -- so we can have several levels, see 

3/ the data defined in most configuration files should not be tied to a 
specific system, since it could be read by other parts of the app.

So in other words,  we could definitely have:

- a *single* format, Config can read.
- two layers of configuration, one for platform-specific stuff, one for 
app-specific stuff

When the app is started, everything would be merged in a single Config 

> Would that make ops life easier in that common values could be stored 
> in a single file, or do they have automation tools capable of doing 
> multiple updates?

I don't know -- cc'ing them


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