[rust-dev] Rust jobs board?

Simon Flynn simon.flynn at financejobs.co
Sun Oct 12 14:36:28 PDT 2014

Greeting Rustaceans,

Although it is still early days (pre 1.0), would there be any interest in a
jobs board specifically for the Rust community?

I am one of the founders of Finance Jobs (https://www.financejobs.co) and
although it's not written in Rust, as I have been dabbling a bit here and
there, I can see it is going to have a great future. As such, I was thinking of
taking our code and using it to create a Rust jobs board
(http://www.rustlangjobs.com) and perhaps one day port it to Rust and then blog
about the process :)

It would be for-profit, but I am wanting to give back to the Rust community.
After speaking to my other founder, we've agreed to give a percentage of
any profits made towards the development of Rust. I'm not sure of any details
yet, but was thinking along the lines of the Perl Foundation grants

Comments would be appreciated.


Simon Flynn

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