[rust-dev] First impressions of Rust

Alex Crichton alex at crichton.co
Thu Oct 9 19:22:15 PDT 2014

>> Feel free to open a bug on the
>> issue tracker (https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/issues) or even open
>> an RFC on it! Due to it being a language change, you should register
>> the issue in the RFC repo instead of the rust repo.
> Oh my, I'm allowed to start an RFC?  I don't feel confident in
> providing the background you just mentioned, and I certainly don't
> have the expertise to implement it myself.  But I can certainly give
> my rationale for why it would be a good idea (as I did in my email).
> Is that sufficient?

Certainly! RFC does stand for "request for comments" after all. You're
also welcome to drop by #rust or #rust-internals to ask some more
detailed questions if you're writing something up. We also assign a
shepherd to each RFC (or close it if no one wants to shepherd) who
will help you develop the RFC and can provide any necessary back

In the past another helpful thing to do is to make a pre-RFC and post
it to discuss.rust-lang.org to get some initial feedback. That way by
the time it reaches rust-lang/rfcs it's more of a "final draft" than a
first "rough draft".

Either way though, you're more than welcome to write an RFC!

>> Your example should in
>> theory (doesn't work today) be written as:
>>     let a: Box<int> = box 45i;
>>     let b: Rc<int> = box(RC) 54i;
> Is there a fuller description of the intended syntax and how it works?

The syntax was pioneered before the RFC process was in effect, so it
may not have an official grammar, but it looks something like:

    expr := 'box' expr | 'box' '(' expr ')' expr

The first form is "rewritten" as `box(::std::owned::HEAP) expr` and
the second form (the more general) specifies that the second
expression should be placed into the first.

Note, however, that the `box(foo) bar` form is not implemented today,
so you may hit some surprises if you try to use it!

> Awesome!  I'll keep it coming then (although it's likely to be a
> trickle rather than a firehose).  Is this an appropriate place to post
> such feedback, or would the subreddit and/or discuss forum be better?

Nowadays we tend to prefer discuss/reddit more for inquiries such as
this. I'd probably post on the reddit for general commands and
questions and bring more design-discussion-y questions
discuss.rust-lang.org instead.

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