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Ricardo Brandão rbrandao.br at gmail.com
Fri May 16 16:57:19 PDT 2014


I'd like to introduce my self. I'm a Computer Engineer and I've worked with
Embedded Computer for 12 years before work with IT Management for 10 years.

Now I became a Mozillian, studying Firefox OS, Gonk and Gecko and very
excited to come back to technical "world".

Last week I attended a lecture on FISL (a Free Software Forum) in Brazil
about Rust and Servo. From Bruno Abinader

I'm very interested on these project and I'd like to join it.

I have a good experience with C and Assembly, but not exactly with
Unix-like platform. I was used to program directly to the board. I've used
ZWorld Boards (nowadays ZWorld became Digi).

But I tried to see some "Easy" bugs (on rust and servo repos) to at least
understand, but I'm confused.

Could you give me some step-by-step, how begin the study of project, which
documents to read, etc? Remember I'm not an expert on Makefile and C for
Unix-like platforms. Well, I already worked with but in small projects.

Thanks in advance!

Ricardo Brandão

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