[rust-dev] Seattle Meetup in July

Paul Nathan pnathan.software at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 23:17:09 PDT 2014

Good evening Rust colleagues;

As we discussed at the May Seattle meetup (A success! about 6 people from
larger, smaller, and academic environments visited), we'd like to meetup in
July and talk about our current projects in a quasi-presentation format at
one of the local companies or the University of Washington.

I'd like to propose a day in the July 7-11 range with the following agenda:

*7pm Start*

- 20 minutes Meet & Greet
- 2-4 10-minute long presentations of different projects (ideas, scraps of
code, working projects).
- 1-2 20-minute presentations - I think Eli? from UW volunteered to talk
about the borrow checker.
- 20 minutes Socialize More

*9pm end*

If I remember right, several different venues with projectors/large TVs
were an option... I know I can lay my hands on at least one venue. :-)

Best Regards,
Paul Nathan
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