[rust-dev] Fwd: &self/&mut self in traits considered harmful(?)

SiegeLord slabode at aim.com
Thu Jun 19 04:24:16 PDT 2014

On 06/17/2014 07:41 AM, Vladimir Matveev wrote:
>> Overloading Mul for matrix multiplication would be a mistake, since that operator does not act the same way multiplication acts for scalars.
> I think that one of the main reasons for overloading operators is not their genericity but their usage in the code.
>      let a = Matrix::new(…);
>      let x = Vector::new(…);
>      let b = Vector::new(…);
>      let result = a * x + b;
> Looks much nicer than
>      let result = a.times(x).plus(b);
> In mathematical computations you usually use concrete types, and having overloadable operators just makes your code nicer to read.

Fair enough (indeed I don't think the current operator overloading is 
usable for generics), but I still stand by my point. It is just more 
useful in practice to sugar the element-wise multiplication than matrix 
multiplication (i.e. I find that I use the elementwise multiplication a 
lot more often than matrix multiplication). This isn't unprecedented, as 
Python's Numpy library does this too for its multi-dimensional array 
class (notably it doesn't do this for the dedicated matrix class... but 
I found it to be very limited and not useful in generic code).


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