[rust-dev] Rust's documentation is about to drastically improve

Uther uther.ii at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 11:04:07 PDT 2014

I agree both points of view. Having examples for everything is great but 
displaying examples is bad for the conciseness of the doc.

IMHO I think that code blocs are already too much eye-candy. I think 
that code blocks should be hidden and we should click on a button/link 
to display them.

Le 18/06/2014 18:22, Steve Klabnik a écrit :
>> In case of trivial entities
> The problem with this is what's trivial to you isn't trivial to 
> someone else.
>> think about the amount of update this may make necessary in case Rust 
>> language syntax changes.
> Literally my job. Luckily, the syntax has been pretty stable
> lately, and most changes have just been mechanical.
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