[rust-dev] Fwd: &self/&mut self in traits considered harmful(?)

SiegeLord slabode at aim.com
Tue Jun 17 04:26:09 PDT 2014

On 06/16/2014 07:03 PM, Sebastian Gesemann wrote:
> Good example! I think even with scalar multiplication/division for
> bignum it's hard to do the calculation in-place of one operand.

Each bignum can carry with it some extra space for this purpose.

> Suppose I want to evaluate a polynomial over "BigRationals" using
> Horner's method:
>    a + x * (b + x * (c + x * d))
> What I DON'T want to type is
>    a + x.clone() * (b + x.clone() * (c + x.clone() * d))

But apparently you want to type


Because that's the alternative you are suggesting to people who want to 
benefit from move semantics. Why would you deliberately set up a 
situation where less efficient code is much cleaner to write? This 
hasn't been the choice made by Rust in the past (consider the 
overflowing arithmetic getting sugar, but the non-overflowing one not).


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