[rust-dev] Nightly docs for Dash

Valerii Hiora valerii.hiora at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 09:11:55 PDT 2014

Hi Vladimir,

> It removes the left side navigation panel from docs and adds TOC generation.

  Looks nice, I've added TOC generation too (so far I'm not using
dash-rust and plan to publish the code after cleaning up a bit).

  One of the reason is that dash-rust actually shows much more
information than actually available, for example, if you open Fields
section there is alloc::rc::Rc::_noshare, alloc::rc::Rc::_nosend,
alloc::rc::Rc::_ptr . All of them are actually private fields and aren't
visible in the struct doc. It looks more like rustdoc problem, but
still. My method of generating is more fragile to changes (as it
actually processes html) but funnily enough it is faster than using
precompiled JS indexes. Although it might be misconfiguration on my side
if there is requirement to install some additional libraries.



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