[rust-dev] Clarification about RFCs

Gábor Lehel glaebhoerl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 05:44:31 PDT 2014


There's a few things about the RFC process and the "meaning" of RFCs which
aren't totally clear to me, and which I'd like to request some
clarification about.

1) Which of the following does submitting an RFC imply?

1a) We should implement this right away.

1b) We should implement this before 1.0.

1c) We should implement this whenever we feel like it.

2) Some RFC PRs get closed and tagged with the "postponed" label. Does this

2a) It's too early to implement this proposal, or

2b) it's too early to *evaluate* this proposal?

3) Are the designs outlined by RFCs supposed to be "incremental" or
"final"? I.e.,

3a) First of all we should make this change, without implying anything
about what happens after that; or

3b) This is how it should look in the final version of the language?

4) If someone submits an RFC, does she imply that "I am planning to
implement this", or, if an RFC is accepted, does that mean "anyone who
wants to can feel free to implement this"?

5) The reviewing process is somewhat opaque to me.

5a) What determines which RFCs get reviewed in a given weekly meeting?

5b) As an observer, how can I tell which RFCs are considered to be in a
ready-for-review or will-be-reviewed-next state?

5c) What if the author of the reviewed RFC isn't a participant in the

5d) (I might also ask "what determines which RFC PRs get attention from the
team?", but obviously the answer is "whatever they find interesting".)

I think that's all... Thanks!

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